W h y     T E X A S     S T A R?

:::::::::::::::: huge selection :::: We take 100's of photos during each game with attention on getting as many great shots of the players who have requested photos.
::::::::::::::::::::::::: creativity :::: Our photographers focus on getting a variety of angles, compositions, and expressions.
::::::::::::::::::::::::: expertise :::: We have been providing photographic services for over 10 years.
::::::::: on-the-spot fulfillment :::: We fulfill orders on-the-spot at tournaments. The only exception is posters which are mailed.
:::::::::::::: reasonable cost :::: Due to our efficiency and modern equipment, our prices of posters, plaques, CD's, and prints are very reasonable.
::::::::::::::::::::: friendliness :::: Our staff is interested in interacting with you to meet your needs. We enjoy working with you to turn your requests into a reality.
::::::::: long-lasting photos :::: Our photos are printed using the latest technology with inks and photographic paper so they won't fade, but rather retain their color for many years.
:::::: acrylic glazing :::: We use quality acrylic for all framed posters. We don't use thin material offered on posters in big-box stores that can easily scratch.
:::::::::::: local photographers ::::: Wherever possible we utilize local photographers to supplement our experienced staff.
::::::::::::::::::::::: full service :::: From photography to plaques, CD's, and framed posters, we can handle all your wall imaging needs.
::::::::::::: work on premise :::: All of our work is done using our equipment with our staff so we can assure the quality and turn-around.
:: community involvement :::: We regularly contribute photographic and video services to local organizations and charities.
:: environmentally friendly :::: We don't use any chemicals in our printing process - paper and plastic is regularly recyled.