Client Reviews

"Your quality is so much better than anything we have had before."

"You are so easy to work with."

"Thank you for getting shots of my daughter - this is probably her last year to play".

"Your posters are the best. After I received mine in the mail, I ordered a 2nd copy at the discount price."

"When I went to a retail store to get prints from my action CD, they could tell the photos were professional. I showed them the release form that came with the CD and I was able to get multiple prints of the photos for my friends and relatives."

"It's really easy to schedule action photos. There isn't any obligation to purchase, but the photos are so good and there are so many to choose from that I bought a package including a poster, a plaque, and a couple of prints."

"I didn't expect to get my plaque, CD, and prints in a few minutes - that was a pleasant surprise."

"The sport court plaques are really different - I'm going to get one each year and snap them together."

"Your prints are really sharp and have great color."

"I really like seeing the photos larger and cropped before they get printed."

"I like seeing the logo, event location, and date on the prints - it helps me remember when the photos were taken."